Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Guide Comparison


It isn’t hard to find a guide to the Elder Scrolls Online but it can be hard to find one that’s of high quality and meets all the necessary requirements for gamer of all levels. Of course it does not only need to be well written, concise, and complete, but it also needs to be the right price for its quality level. Instead of searching the internet for hours, slogging through the muck and the mire of the wannabe guides that just touch the basic of the game, we’ve selected some of the better guides available for the Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight class to save you the trouble. Each of these guides has its own merits, making some of them more suitable for you depending on exactly what you’re looking for. This list will break down how detailed they are, what strategies they include, if they’re up to date, and if they’re worth the price.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Guide

elder svrolls online dragonknight guideFor $29.99, this unofficial elder scrolls online dragonknight guide is available for instant download and includes all future updates (users will get a notification when there’s an update). The writers of this guide promise players the ability to get your Dragonknight level 50 in just 7 days or less. The guide has a class specific breakdown that’s easy to learn with step-by-step layout and skill rotations to defeat an enemy smoothly.

Given in the guide is also the Dragonknight build proven by advanced gamers for players who aren’t well versed in builds. Later on, you can strategize your own builds and become a more independent player.¬†As soon as you turn the game on, the guide helps you develop and hone your skills and shows you where to find the gear to help you succeed in the game.

This unofficial manual is fairly newbie friendly since it’s step by step but it does have some perks if you’re more seasoned. It helps you whatever your goal is and builds an easy to follow framework for those who want to go past level 50.


bundle-medThis elder scrolls online guide is written by an Elder Scrolls player who wants a guide that knows the ins and outs of the game and gives sound strategies for players. The writer wants to remain true to the game’s spirit and has left some parts of the game open ended with various combinations to suit each individual player. The guide shows areas where players can explore further while still providing you with a rock solid foundation that allows for completely personalized character and gaming experience.

If players follow the guide’s strategies, they can reach level 50 in about a week’s time, making this good for beginners. However, the open ended aspect in some places of this guide may make this overwhelming or distracting to new players who just want a streamlined “here’s how to get from A to B” guide. It does detail a good portion of what not to do’s (including avoiding “illegal” mistakes that will get you banned) so if you’re a newbie, this guide can be very good in keeping you in line with the Elder Scrolls etiquette.

The guide is kept up to date so every time there is a game up date, you’re just a short download away from having a completely updated guide. With a 60 day money back guarantee, this guide is worth the purchase price.


eso-mastery-guides-220x220This eso mastery guides are a safe bet for newbie players as it provides a free beginner’s guide. The beginner’s guide has helpful tips for newbies to build new skills upon so they have a better chance at becoming more independent and being able to strategize as they progress in the game.

Containing in the guide is a leveling path to level 50 that’s laid out for easy following. Some maps and walk-throughs of each are included for dungeon quests and there are locations of valuable items (like Skyshards and Mundus Stones).

The strongest part of the guide is maps and routes to find and obtain various crafting materials and to help you find bonus crafting stations. The weak point if this guide is quite expensive. The total guide set could cost up for more than $200.

Final Verdict

All of these guides have their selling points and while they all cover the basics, each one of them focuses on one area more than the other. When you’re looking for a guide, play the game for a while and decide what you want most out of the game. Is it becoming a craftsman or merchant? Is it reaching level 50 as fast as possible? Or is it going through the game with just the basics to help you dive more deeply into the innards of this game? Knowing what your end goal is will help you decide which guide is the wisest to invest in. It doesn’t matter your gaming level; newbie or seasoned pro, each of these guides will be beneficial in their own way to anyone who decides to buy them. Don’t go for titles like “#1” or “the best”; instead focus on what you want and find a guide that will fit that and your budget. Happy Gaming!