Killer Guides: A Must-Have Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Guide

Even though I’ve been dabbling in Dragonknights for quite a while now, I’m always on the look out for better builds, easier leveling and improved PvP tactics. When I heard about Killer Guides coming out with an Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight guide, I actually pre-ordered the guide (yes, they had a pre-order for it!). Below I’m describing my impressions of it after I received the actual guide.

Since KillerGuides only focuses on MMOs, I knew that I am getting specialized guide that is written by a group of dedicated professionals who know this game genre very well. Since I have been following Elder Scrolls Online non-stop since the first Beta was released (and especially any DK developments), I always considered myself reasonably knowledgeable about the game. This said, it came as a bit of a surprise, that the book, challenged several ideas I had about how to handle the class in PvE and PvP. Which I consider a very good thing – it would have been of much less use if it only confirmed what I already knew.

elder svrolls online dragonknight guide


With the help of KillerGuides’ Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Guide, I was surprisingly able to implement a noticeable boost in leveling. Without the guide, it would have taken me at least twice as long to reach the next level. After some hesitation, I fully implemented the provided tactics and followed their laid out leveling path and it definitely seems to pay off. This guide taught me how to utilize the Dragonknight’s most effective moves and spells so I was able to rapidly defeat my enemies one after another. I’ve played every MMO and used almost every guides on the market today. But this guide easily has one of the most detailed sections on Leveling I have read so far.


Sometimes I find myself worried if I am choosing the right skills for my Dragonknight. If I start down the wrong path on a skill tree, I might regret my choices later on. The guide takes the guess work out of this. KillerGuides took me through the entire skill line piece by piece. They cover all the advanced knowledge that helped me maximize the effectiveness of my skill rotations. This guide also outlines the positives and negatives of each skill, so I could decide which ones are the best for my playing style.

Pro Builds

Even though I’ve spent a significant amount of time in other MMOs, every game is different. It always takes some time to get used to a new game no matter how experienced you are. But with the powerful build provided in the guide, I felt familiarizing yourself with the game and this specific class was a lot faster.

Some of the information was common knowledge, but it would really help newbie players that want to build their Dragonknight to match the pros. The KillerGuides’ Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Guide has a number of suggestions on character builds that other professionals would tend to use.


Player vs. Player combat (PvP) is another main reason I play the Elder Scrolls Online . I love fighting NPCs, but there is nothing like cutting down another person’s character. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that they have an entire section dedicated to mastering PvP in this guide. Unfortunately they don’t reveal character names, but I’d be really curious to see who the author is in-game. Because from what I can tell, he must be one of the top ranked DKs (or very, very familiar with them). It’s a solid guide that lays out the fundamentals of the class in PvP before diving well into the details, showing you the little nifty tricks that you can pull on 1-on-1s and how you can even do better in a mindless zerg (where you’d think individual tactics wouldn’t matter much)..

Endgame Gear

Elder Scrolls Online gives you access to sweet endgame gear that is only unlocked once you reach max level. The game really starts to get fun once all that gear opens up. Whether I use my Dragonknight for PvP, PvE, or soloing, this guide showed me how to find and utilize the most powerful endgame weapons, armor, and items in the entire Elder Scrolls Online world.

Is This Guide Worth The Money?

To make it short: This guide is one of the best deals out there. Once I saw the results, and after my Dragonknight reached max level in only a week, I became convinced that the ESO Guide is among the best deals available to ESO gamers. Especially since all future updates will be available without any cost. I am looking forward to receive the next free update already! You can get your own a copy of the guide here.